About Us

China Bangla Construction & Engineering is a leading joint venture company in Bangladesh that has executed construction and engineering work for some of the most significant project in the country. We continue to alter the structural landscape through several others prestigious project in residential, Commercial and industrial space as well.
Specially industrial building projects implements under cover ACI, BNBC, NFPA, Fire and building safety and Accord, Alliance building code maintain as per rules and requirements following.
For almost the last few years we’ve gone many exclusive duplex Building design and industrial consultancy service which every stage ensure quality work and luxurious standard living facilities.
We’ve creating big space for large amount equipment stock for rental service, which different types of machine vehicles support for big construction work purpose.
We provide for heavy construction purpose different kinds of construction materials manufacturer and supplier as per quality requirements.
Every space we have created over the years has involved meticulous planning and detailing which we continue to do even today.
Our expertise across diverse infrastructure domains is evident through the successful execution of various projects.
We envision a future where in our brand symbolize superior in real estate sector highest standards of quality and customer delight.









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